Lawyer for CNN, NY Times convinced federal judge to demand Trump attorney reveal name of client Sean Hannity in court

The Left-wing establishment media has never found a way to compete on a similar footing with conservative media so the Lefties have to find different ways to mitigate their right-leaning competitors.

Outing one of them publicly as a client of the private lawyer to a president the American Pravda media loathes is one way to get back at the conservative competition.

Last week lawyers for Michael Cohen, who has long had President Donald J. Trump as a client, were forced to reveal the name of another alleged client and enemy of the Lefty press — Sean Hannity — during a hearing that was supposed to have been about granting Cohen permission to go through papers taken from him by FBI agents in a raid days before by the Justice Department, to preserve attorney-client privilege.

The raid, we are told, came in response to information given the Southern District of New York by special counsel Robert Mueller, perhaps as part of his never-ending, always widening probe of Trump, Russian “collusion,” and anyone associated with POTUS’ 2016 campaign. Among the items sought: Information regarding payments Cohen made to a former adult entertainment star and a former Playboy playmate on behalf of the president who may or may not have had sexual relations with each of them more than a decade ago. (Related: FAKE news media regurgitates old, discredited story claiming Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was in Prague meeting with “Russians.”)

Real earth-shaking stuff.

But the real issue here is the outing of Hannity in open court. 

Hannity isn’t under investigation by a rogue special counsel. He hasn’t done anything wrong. He hasn’t been charged with any crimes. So why would U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood force Cohen’s lawyers to reveal the names of personal clients not under investigation in open court?

Because she was convinced it was “in the public’s interest” by none other than a lawyer for Trump-hating, Hannity-despising media outlets CNN and The New York Times.

What’s more, according to people who attended the hearing, Wood was prepared to allow Cohen’s attorneys to submit Hannity’s name under seal but she was convinced otherwise.

“A note about this: Judge Wood was prepared to let Ryan give her the name of Cohen’s third client under seal. At that point, an attorney for the NYT and CNN approached the podium and convinced her that the press (&public) should know. She agreed. He played pivotal role here,” tweeted Natasha Bertrand, a reporter for The Atlantic, another Left-wing rag.

Shimon Prokupecz, who works for CNN, confirmed in a tweet of his own that Cohen was initially going to be permitted to submit Hannity’s name under seal, but he left out the part that the attorney was representing his employer. 

“I was in court yesterday and if it wasn’t for the attorney representing the press, Sean Hannity’s name would have been filed under seal. Judge Kimba Wood was ready to accept the name under seal, when the attorney representing the press stood up and argued successfully against it,” he tweeted. 

The New York Times also confirmed that the lawyer — Robert D. Balin — was indeed representing CNN, as well as the paper itself and “various media outlets.”

Some are trying to claim that Cohen “screwed” Hannity, but when a federal judge tells you to hand something over, you either do it or you get slapped with a contempt charge — not something you really want, especially after all of your personal client papers have been rifled through, taken, and will likely be used in some future proceedings in the same courtroom involving the same judge.

The point is this: The Pravda media, like the Democratic Party and the Alt-Left movement it caters to, is bankrupt — morally, ethically, and in terms of ideology. And they will do anything to destroy the competition.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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